The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue light is added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors.
Typical color digital image Contains of three channels for each color red, green and blue. These lights changes colour in 3 to 5 seconds without interference with the magnetic field. These lights give a soothing ambience to the MRI room which helps the patients to relax while undergoing stressful scan.

      The mood light is a special type of design for MRI compatible lights with using three different colours LED to create a soothing ambiance inside the MRI room.
      It uses one red led, one green led and one blue led.
      This color changing technique uses a changing current source but does not affect the MRI system.
      It uses +40v, +12v & -12v dc power sources.

MRI Compatable Mood Light :