Frank Shields Medical Equipment started in Jan 2006 as a Medical Equipment Project Solutions company based in Abu Dhabi. We recognized a need for the presence of a Company that can offer a highly differentiated service than any other vendors for the planning, site preparation, installation, quality assurance and certification for all vendors who are selling Hi-tech imaging modalities in health care industry.

Frank Shields was created with an objective to offer complete project solutions to multination companies in imaging field through; design & execution of the projects and the installation of the equipment thereby completing the chain of operations.

Today Frank Shields has marked its presence in the following areas with several projects which includes:

o Designing Drawing and Planning of Imaging Rooms.
o Site preparation according to the planning and execution.
o MRI Shielding, Magnetic shielding and Radiation Shielding supply and installation
o Providing testing services for these shieldings and certification.
o Marketing tools for the engineers and Phycists inspecting the equipments
o Installing the equipments for multinational companies.